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A Place In History

The Matthew is an extremely important part of a variety of special events and programs planned for each tourist season including demonstrations of traditional skills and dramatic performance. Some $24 million in tourism dollars is generated for the province on the Bonavista Peninsula and it is essential that the Matthew remain part of that economic equation.

Most importantly is its part in our shared history. Your sponsorship of the Matthew’s repair, restoration and upkeep will ensure that she has a place in the future as well. Through a series of commemorative plaques, we are recognizing donors on site who have contributed to this important cause. Plaque size and placement will depend on the size of your gift.

Sustaining Platinum Sponsor


Annual Contribution for 5 + years

Gold Sponsor

$2501 to $5000

One Time Contribution

Silver Sponsor

$1001  to  $2500

One Time Contribution

Bronze Sponsor

$501 to  $1000

One Time Contribution

Friend of The Matthew

up to $500

One Time Contribution

Take your place in history. Contact us today about becoming a sponsor.

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